WILD Weekends


WILD Weekends
We Inspire Learning through Discovery

WILD (We Inspire Learning through Discovery) Weekends at the Ocean Institute highlight take-home science activities for families.

Each WILD weekend will focus on a different science topic ranging from marine pollution to terrestrial ecology. At the end, families will have the tools to keep the discovery going at home.

Join us for one of the WILD Weekends below. 


The Scoop on Poop
WILD Weekend Series

Poop may be a gross topic to most, but it’s actually a very important part of biology! Have you ever wondered how a digestive system really works? Or why poop is an important part of an ecosystem? Come discover the “Scoop on Poop” with hands-on activities including making your own version of a digestive system! 

Event Andrea Smith

Summer Celebration Science
WILD Weekend Series

Let’s cap off Summer vacation and celebrate the start of the school year with fun summer themed STEM experiments. Make ice cream in a bag using kitchen chemistry and make waves in a bottle to keep summer alive all year! Join us to send summer out in style.

Event Selina

DIY Plastic Free Hummingbird Feeder
WILD Weekend Series

Come to this WILD Weekend to create a plastic free hummingbird feeder that is safe for the ocean and the hummingbirds.  Learn about the impact of plastic on our planet and create a plastic-free hummingbird feeder to take home with you. 

This is a great family event and don’t forget your ticket includes admission to Ocean Institute for the day to enjoy our Grossology theme.