WILD Weekends


WILD Weekends
We Inspire Learning through Discovery

WILD (We Inspire Learning through Discovery) Weekends at the Ocean Institute highlight take-home science activities for families.

Each WILD weekend will focus on a different science topic ranging from marine pollution to terrestrial ecology. At the end, families will have the tools to keep the discovery going at home.

Join us for one of the WILD Weekends below. 


Eat Like a Bird
Hunt with Different Beak Shapes

Sea and shore birds have unique physical features called adaptations that allow them to live and find prey in or near the water. Bird’s beak shape and size allow them to hunt in their environments. In this session, learn about different beak adaptations and ‘hunt’ in different environments with your specialized ’beak.’ Take your ‘beak’ home to teach all of your friends about bird adaptations. 


Ocean Zones in a Jar
Learn about ocean zones and the animals that live there

There are five different zones in the ocean that support diverse ecosystems. In this WILD Weekend session, you will not only learn about these zones and the animals that are adapted to live in them, but also make your own ocean zones in a take home jar.