Earth’s Changing Climate Lab/Cruise
Grades 8-12

Science Field Trip 4 hours

Students conduct an in-depth study of the relationship between Earth’s dynamic geologic history and global climate change. They investigate the creation of the Isthmus of Panama and its effect on global currents and climate, look for clues in deep-sea sediment cores, and explore the effects of the burning of fossil fuels on ocean acidity and marine ecosystems. Onboard the R/V Sea Explorer, students use marine sampling equipment to retrieve a sediment core, conduct water chemistry testing, and investigate plankton productivity.

8th: S 5a, b, e; 6a, b; 8a; 9a
9th-12th: C 3a, 5a, d; BL 6b, d, e; 8a; ES 1f; 3b, d, f; 5d; 6a, b, c; 7a, b; IE 1a, c, d, h, l